Do you know how to increase the value of your business?
You might answer: "Generate more sales.”
Makes sense, but it may surprise you that increasing sales alone does not necessarily improve business value
Understanding what drives business value
When it comes to selling a business, value is primarily a prophecy of future cash flows for the prospective buyer, whether the business is sold to an internal or external party. Buyers need to purchase businesses that generate cash so they may pay the former owner and receive a return on their investment.
Value is also impacted by the size of the business as well as the industry and several other factors including:
  • Increasing Profits

  • Growth Potential

  • Clean Financials

  • Solid Management Team 

  • Quality Products & Services

  • Strong Sales & Marketing

  • Low Risk

  • Systems & Processes in Place

Buyers will pay more for quality companies that demonstrate these attributes.

Planning well in advance for your exit will give you the time you need to improve your business and maximize its value.


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