Sobering Statistics about Exit Planning

0.33-second video

What’s at Stake for Business Owners Not Doing Exit Planning

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Choices Represent Challenges

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BTA’s Six-Step Planning Process

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What Owners Have to Figure Out Before You Sell Your Business

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Owner Challenges and Concerns as They Think About Exit Planning

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 Exit Planning Before It’s Too Late

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Exit Planning Lessons Learned By Owners

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 Intro to the 6 Steps of Exit Planning

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 Exit Planning Step 1: Getting Yourself (and Others) Prepared

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Exit Planning Step 2: Counting Beans – Your Wealth Gap

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 Exit Planning Step 3: What’s Your Business Worth?

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 Exit Planning Step 4: Internal and External Exit Options

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 Exit Planning Step 5: Can You Afford The Option That You Most Want To Pursue In Your Desired Timeframe?

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 Exit Planning Step 6: Putting It All Together

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 Selling Externally – Only 15% are Successful

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 Top 10 Benefits of Ownership Transition Planning

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 Gather Knowledge to Minimize Regrets

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 Top 8 Drivers of Business Value

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 Will Your Corporation Be Double Taxed When You Exit?

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 You Can’t Always Sell When You Want To

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 You Don’t Need to be a Tax Expert But…

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 Exit Planning Options, Why Start Planning Now, and Why Do Owners Take Action?

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