Exit your business on your own terms

Get what you deserve for your business

M&A advisors decline about 70% of opportunities because the businesses are “nonsalable”...

...of the 30% that go to market, 48% of them won’t sell.

~50% of mid-market business owners have done no in-depth exit planning.

Sell your business when the time is right

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What We Do

Comprehensive Exit Planning Training for Business Owners

BTA will show you how to exit your business on your own terms and timeline. Our impartial exit planning education, tools, and mentors will dramatically increase your chances for a successful exit whether you intend to sell to insiders or a third party.

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BTA Proven Six Step Process

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1. Develop Your Vision and Personal Goals
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2. Determine How Much Money You Need to Net
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3. Understand How to Maximize Business Value
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4. Decide Which Exit Option Is Right For You
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5. Minimize Taxes and Get the Best Possible Deal
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6. Document and Execute Your Plan

Failure Is Not An Option

We were in your shoes and had no idea how to optimize our exit and achieve our goals.  
 Don’t leave your future to chance. 

Join the ranks of BTA clients who have transformed their lives!

Before BTA After BTA
Fear of the unknown  Peace of mind
Wealth tied up in business Money in the bank
Worn out Exhilaration, freedom, relief
Working 10 to 12 hours Balanced life they design


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Rave Reviews

"By joining the Business Transition Academy, you are choosing to be the architect of your future. You are choosing to achieve your own financial and non-financial goals. And you are choosing to prepare your business to carry on without you in order to preserve the mission, legacy, and careers of your dedicated management team and employees."

Bruce Raymond Wright, Author of "Transcendent Thought and Market Leadership 1.0" & Inventor of Macro Strategic Planning


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