Rave Reviews

"I would definitely recommend BTA’s membership program for business owners who are looking to exit their businesses. I’ve been in business for decades and am currently a part-owner in three businesses, and this program was an enlightening experience for me.

The exit process requires time to gather the relevant information and to get all stakeholders on board. It can’t be done overnight and owners should not go it alone. As owners, you need to get educated about the entire process so that you understand what you need to do and who you need to work with.

It is a worthwhile investment to ensure a successful transition to the rest of your life."

J. P., CEO, Distribution Company


"Jane was a Wonder Woman in my deal. She was there all the time, on top of everything. Without her, my multi-million dollar deal would never have been completed. Don’t be stupid and think you can do it alone, you can’t. I had been in business for 33 years building a $50 million company with over 1,000 employees, made the INC 5000 five times and really know my business. The best decision I have ever made was to engage Jane Johnson to help me make the deal of my lifetime."

Robert H. Crosby, President/CEO, NonPublic Educational Services, Inc.


"I have worked with Jane when I decided that it was time for me to begin a transition in my business and this was the best decision I ever made when it came to business... I have learned so much from her and I don’t know what I would have done without her help."

Gerard Louise, President, Technical Support International, Inc.



"My partner and I worked with Jane Johnson and her team as we were undergoing a transition in our executive company leadership. As with most succession plans, there are the inevitable emotions which color a successful outcome. We were lucky enough to be introduced to Jane who served as a most capable guide; providing a fair and compassionate mix of therapist, strategist, and business partner. Jane is brilliant in all aspects of her work. Her exceptional listening skills allows her clients to feel heard, safely placing all important and relevant issues on the table. Her optimistic disposition enables her to work with all personalities who benefit from her facilitation skills. Jane genuinely cared and worked hard with us to find just the right approach for our transition. She has a vast and versatile network of professional colleagues, all of whom highly respect Jane. We were fortunate to profit from these seasoned connections, as well. Most important, Jane is a highly skilled technician; weaving her deep operational knowledge and business acumen throughout our leadership transition plan.

I wholeheartedly endorse Jane Johnson if you envision a business transition in your future!"

Nancy R. Mobley, SPHR, Managing Principal, Insight Performance | OneDigital Health and Benefits


"I met Jane Johnson five years ago, after the passing of my husband. Jane helped to support me with transitioning my husband's business to 3 key employees, fulfilling his vision. As many realize, the sale of an established 30 year business can be extremely complex. Jane was able to support me during this journey, help bring my husband's vision into fruition, and especially navigate the intricacies of a complex, but meaningful sale. Jane is a bright, articulate, caring professional who listens well, demonstrates strengths with finance, and works collaboratively with the customer to understand their vision, in order to meet personal and professional goals. During our time together, Jane quickly became a personal support for me. I consider Jane a friend. I would highly recommend Jane Johnson to anyone requires support with business facilitation. Jane is a reliable, conscientious, and customer centered professional. Anyone would be lucky to have Jane as a professional support."

Anna Tupper



"When we were approached last year by investors interested in buying our company, I quickly realized I needed professional help. My wife and I had started the business, ran it for over 20 years, and I had negotiated many successful transactions. One thing I had learned from this experience was that certain transactions require professional expertise. This was one of those times. Fortunately, we became acquainted with Jane Johnson and she soon became our trusted advisor, providing invaluable advice and service to us throughout the transaction.

Leveraging her deep financial background, Jane was able to assemble our financial data in professional presentations that made sense to the prospective buyers and cast the business in the best possible light. Jane was able to provide us with timely guidance in selecting and engaging a team of professionals including an investment banking firm, an M&A law firm, and tax specialists.

The transaction took approximately a year to complete and we found it to be an incredible, grinding and ultimately exhilarating experience. Jane was part of our team throughout the entire process and we couldn’t imagine going through it without her."

Peter Fairbanks, President, Bluestone Energy Services LLC



"Jane's experience with operating and selling her own business along with her accounting knowledge and passion for her work makes her a great resource for any business owner planning for the future. Jane outlined all of the options and provided a thorough analysis of our business. With Jane's guidance, we now have a much clearer vision of the way forward."

President & Founder, Lighting Design Company



"Jane’s greatest asset is her ability to look beyond cookie-cutter solutions that other advisors might suggest and to find solutions that work best for all parties involved. From the start of our process to the end, she was always thinking, always exploring, looking for even better strategies as our situation evolved. Hiring Jane to help me sell my business was the best decision I’ve made in the past ten years."

Tim Lutts, CEO, Cabot Wealth Network



"As CFO of NonPublic Educational Services, Inc. (“NESI”), I had the pleasure of working with Jane as she guided the owner’s exit strategy and then through the due diligence process. Jane did a thorough job working with the owner to research exit options and understanding what his ultimate goals were. During the sale process Jane was instrumental in facilitating the due diligence process, facilitating team meetings and providing sound business strategy. Her advice and guidance was extremely valuable during the exit strategy process and the due diligence process."

David Morrissette, CFO, NonPublic Educational Services, Inc.



"I had the pleasure of working with Jane on a potential project as we were providing exit strategy recommendations to a high-profile business owner in Missouri. Jane was awesome.

Bottom line, Jane understands the complicated maze of navigating through the various pot holes and land mines that are commonly found in the exit planning and execution process. When I go to sell one of my businesses in the future, Jane will be my point person. That's how good she is.

Words that come to mind when I think of Jane: professional, intelligent, skilled, caring, persistent, engaging, and much more. I recently told Jane she'll be one of the leading 'thought' experts in exit planning strategies and the execution of such.

Jane's craft and niche is unique because of her personal story. She's lived the worst-case scenario when she sold her last business. Her passion is what drives her to keep other business owners from experiencing what she went through as an owner/CEO. I am honored and humbled to be considered one of Jane's peers."

Mark Gandy, Partner, B2B CFO


"If you are looking to retain an exit planning consultant, I would strongly recommend that you talk with Jane Johnson. We had the pleasure of working closely with Jane on a recent transaction that took more than 7 months to complete and Jane was a key reason as to why we were able to close the deal. Beyond her tremendous work ethic, Jane offers clients a rare combination of technical skills and strategic perspective that is extremely valuable to any business owner or executive. As an experienced CPA and CMA, Jane is able to handle the most challenging finance or technology system issues that may arise. As a former entrepreneur and business owner, however, Jane is also able to offer clients the kind of sophisticated strategic guidance and advice on key business issues that can only be learned from having started, expanded and successfully exited your own business. I would be more than happy to talk to you about our experience with Jane if you would like to learn more about her capabilities."

Bob Cronin, Senior Managing Director, Alantra Technology Investment Banking


"I had the opportunity to work with Jane earlier this year on a deal with a common client. Jane was nothing short of impressive and amazing. She anticipates issues, gets in front of problems before they're problems, can sit side by side with senior management and add value, and is technically sound. It is rare to work with a professional service provider who is so well rounded and client oriented."

Travis Drouin, Partner-in-Charge-Audit, Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico, LLP


"I have had the opportunity to work with Jane on a couple of occasions recently. She is extremely professional, has a great way with people and an amazing working knowledge of the need and process of exit strategies for small business owners. Any business owner should seriously consider meeting with and discussing strategies with Jane."

Alan Temkin, Financial/Estate Planning, Temkin Financial Group



“Jane and I worked together to help John Leonetti at Pinnacle Equity Solutions when John was putting together Pinnacle's exit planning professional designation. Jane is one of those rare people who can engage her right brain, left brain, and her heart at the same time. She brings a lot to the table: strong analytical skills, strategic planning capabilities, vision, a cheery and optimistic outlook, integrity, and an unswerving devotion to her clients. Jane and I confer with one another about our profession and practice management issues. And, on occasion, we also act as a sounding board regarding issues that business owners face. Jane is a real professional and trusted advisor.” 

Joan Ridley, CFP, CEPA, CBI, Business Wealth Solutions, LLC



"Jane has been a valuable member of our advisory team for a number of years.  She was instrumental in developing an ownership transition plan that brought our successors on board as shareholders and is enabling our first generation owners to exit on their own timeline at a good value. In addition, Jane assisted us during some very challenging and difficult times that included the death of one shareholder – she coordinated the execution of our buy/sell agreement to the satisfaction of the deceased shareholder’s advisors and family.  Jane works collaboratively with our CPA and attorneys to ensure that our corporate, estate and tax work is all in sync with our long-term succession plan. Her CEO and CPA background and her extensive experience in exit planning give her a broad range of knowledge that she uses proactively to ensure her client’s goals are achieved and their interests are protected."

Michael Dubeau, CEO, Victory Mechanical Services

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