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Are you one of the millions of baby boomer business owners who need to transition the ownership of their companies to others, but are not sure how it can be done? You have come to the right place! BTA is a secure educational portal designed specifically for business owners who are contemplating a transition anytime during the next decade.

Our mission is to assist the owners of privately held companies in making
key decisions that impact their
future as well as the future of their
businesses, families and employees.

What Challenges Are You Facing? 

BTA Can Help

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Learn about your challenges as a business owner looking to transition your business.

Visit our Content Library and take advantage of all it has to offer. Knowledge is power; learn about planning your own successful transition.

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[fa icon="plus-square"] Video Course

Take advantage of our free three-part video course to discover the steps for planning a successful business ownership transition, achieving the results you want. 

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[fa icon="plus-square"] Business Owner Webinars

Join us for one of our live webinars and explore the tools, resources and the various ways BTA can assist you with your very own transition. Interact live with our experts, gain valuable knowledge, and ask questions about the transition process.

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[fa icon="plus-square"] Business Owner Retreats

Join us for our premier educational event (taught live) and create your own Business Ownership Transition Plan.

Space is limited, so plan ahead and receive early registration discounts.
Co-owners, spouses, and partners may attend at special rates. Come plan the next, best phase of your life.

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