New Online Membership Program from Business Transition Academy Provides Exit Planning Expertise and Strategic Guidance for Business Owners

Business Transition Academy, Inc. (BTA) is pleased to invite you to the launch of your new online membership program. Access strategic exit planning education, tools, and mentoring related to your privately held business.


Exit planning is an essential process that helps you define your personal goals, determine how much you need financially, understand what your business is worth, and learn which exit options are best for your future. 

BTA’s New Exit Planning Education and Mentoring

While working with business owners during the last decade, BTA developed their six-step transition roadmap. You now have access to proven best practices and the knowledge and support you need to plan and execute your business and personal exit plans.

BTA’s membership programs provide you with hands-on, deep-dive education along with tips and techniques for planning your exit.

BTA walks you through the planning steps, and provides the resources and tools you need to execute on your plan. You will learn first-hand from the mistakes and successes of owners who have already been through this process.

Working through BTA's exit planning process can be life-changing for business owners.

Former client Robert H. Crosby, President & CEO of Non-Public Educational Services, Inc. explains, "Jane was a Wonder Woman in my deal. She was there all the time, on top of everything. Without her, my multi-million dollar deal would never have been completed. Don’t think you can do it alone, you can’t. I had been in business for 33 years, building a $50 million company with over 1,000 employees, made the INC 5000 five times, and really knew my business. The best decision I have ever made was to engage Jane Johnson to help me make the deal of my lifetime."

Our book, Cashing Out of Your Business – Your Last Great Deal, outlines the road map you may follow to plan for your transition or exit whether you plan to gift or sell to an insider or a third party. We don’t have the capacity to provide advisory services to every owner so we wrote the book and developed BTA to educate ALL owners who are looking to develop an exit strategy. In addition to online courses and templates, BTA’s new membership program includes an on-demand business valuation and analysis tool, a personal goals assessment, and training on advanced topicsLearn more here.  

“By joining the Business Transition Academy, you are choosing to be the architect of your future. You are choosing to achieve your own financial and non-financial goals. And you are choosing to prepare your business to carry on without you in order to preserve the mission, legacy, and careers of your dedicated management team and employees,” praises Bruce Raymond Wright, Author of Transcendent Thought and Market Leadership 1.0 and Inventor of Macro Strategic Planning.

Have You Planned for Your Future and the Future of Your Business?

Business exit planning:

  • Helps you gain peace of mind: Your exit plan is the roadmap and timeline you need to achieve your goals. You can move toward new things in your life, knowing that you have done all you can to secure the future of your business, employees, and your family.
  • Reveals how much you need: Our exit planning process will show you how much money you need from the transfer of your business to maintain your lifestyle and move into this exciting next phase of life.
  • Maximizes your wealth: Our options analysis enables you to determine the best way to tap into your business value and minimize taxes so you keep more of your wealth, and achieve your financial goals.

“Having an exit plan in place promotes long-term business success and improves personal satisfaction,” explains Johnson. Planning early with a more comprehensive understanding of different exit strategies will give you the insight you need to maximize your business value, whether you plan to sell to an outside buyer or key employees or pass it on to family members.


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