Six-Step Video Course Overview

As part of BTA's PRO and EXPERT memberships, this companion course to our book will show you HOW to use our six-step process to transition out of your business on your own terms and timeline.

Here is just a sampling of the topics we cover in this course:

  • Uncovering your personal goals and ideal vision for your ownership transition
  • Identifying your fears, concerns and barriers so you may address them as you plan
  • Calculating your Wealth Gap or how much money you need from your business transfer
  • Estate and gifting principles
  • Personal and business contingency planning
  • Business valuation
  • Eight key drivers to maximizing business value
  • Key employee succession planning and leadership development
  • The pros and cons of private equity, financial and strategic buyers
  • How much you can expect to net from management buyouts, family transfers and Employee Stock Ownership Plans
  • The business transfer marketplace and how it impacts your transition timeline
  • Positioning your business, finding the right buyer and negotiating the best possible deal
  • The selling process and Top Ten Deal Killers to avoid
  • Business transfer TAXES and advisory fees
  • What you can do if your business isn’t worth enough to meet your financial needs
  • Key players you need on your advisory team

We also provide you with the critical tools you need to develop and document your plan:

  • On-demand business valuation and quality assessment
  • What’s Next? Owner Goals Assessment, Book and Workbook
  • Business Ownership Transition Plan template
  • Personal Financial Workbook
  • Contingency plan templates
  • Prioritized Action Plan
  • Worksheets and questionnaires

We use a Case Study throughout the course to illustrate how to work through the concepts taught in each step, make key decisions as you go along and document your plan.

The knowledge you will gain from this course will dramatically improve your chances of maximizing your business value, minimizing taxes and fees and netting the most when you sell or transfer your business to new owners whether they are internal to your business or external third parties. If you are like most owners, you will sell only one business in your lifetime and you can’t afford to make mistakes. Learn what TO do and what NOT to do by taking this course.

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