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Your business and personal exit begins here.

Are you looking for the freedom to live your ideal life after you exit your business but you are not sure how to achieve it? If so, you are not alone. Many owners have spent decades running and growing their businesses and dream about their freedom on a regular basis. They feel trapped.

Are you concerned about selling to the wrong buyer and paying high taxes?

Do you worry about preserving jobs for your employees or about how to deal with conflict that might arise during the transition?

We get it. We were in your shoes in 2004 worrying about how the sale of our business would go and didn’t have a clue about how to plan our exit!

The good news is that based on our own experience and our work with more than 100 owners during the last decade, we have the recipe you can use.

In our book Cashing Out of Your Business – Your Last Great Deal, we outline six steps that you should take in order to create your Business Ownership Transition Plan (BOTP):

  1. Determine your goals and best-case scenario
  2. Calculate how much money you need from your business exit
  3. Understand what your business is worth today and how to maximize its value
  4. Evaluate your exit options, both internal as well as external and see how they match up to your goals
  5. Quantify how taxes and advisory fees will reduce your net proceeds
  6. Pick an exit strategy based on what you have learned in the steps above

Let us show you HOW to transition out of your business on your own terms and timeline and improve your chances of getting the freedom and peace-of-mind that you yearn for.

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New content is added monthly including interviews with business owners who are successfully exiting their businesses and webinars with experts on advanced topics.

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PRO membership is for all owners who want to take charge of their future and gain their freedom, regardless of the size of their business.

This training will enable you to transform your life and dramatically improve your chances of achieving all of your goals!

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