Prepare to Sell Your Business in Six Steps

Many owners are now faced with rebuilding their businesses before they can exit and gain their freedom.

We can help.

Whether you plan to sell your business internally or externally, in five months or five years, creating a Business Ownership Transition Plan (BOTP) is a critical first step forward achieving your goals. 

In this webinar, Jane Johnson discusses a six-step process that you can use to:

  • Prepare yourself for the transition
  • Calculate your “Wealth Gap” or how much money you will need from the transaction
  • Rebuild your business to attract buyers or fund an internal transfer
  • Analyze your options for both internal and external transfers
  • Understand the selling process and how to minimize taxes and advisory fees
  • Create a written document that outlines your transition path and what you must do to execute on your plan
  • Achieve your personal and financial objectives
  • Preserve key relationships
  • Gain peace-of-mind

Rebuilding your business with your exit in mind will save you time and net you more money.

Watch now to learn the steps you need to take to plan for your deal of a lifetime.




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