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Our proven six-step planning process and training programs provide you with the roadmap you need to exit your business on your own terms. Choose the program that works best for your unique situation.



Get Smart.

Gain an understanding of the exit planning process and the steps you need to take to plan for the successful sale of your business or internal ownership transfer.



Get Started.

Learn HOW to exit your business on your own terms and timeline. Get the resources and tools you need to take charge of your future and plan for your successful exit.



Get Guidance.

Learn from our highly experienced Business Transition Mentors as well as your peers as we guide you through the design AND execution of your unique exit plan.

Electronic Version of Our Book Cashing Out of Your Business – Your Last Great Deal Yes Yes Yes
BTA Owner Readiness Assessment Yes Yes Yes
Introductory Course – How to Plan a Successful Business Exit Yes Yes Yes
Lessons Learned Yes Yes Yes
Success Stories Yes Yes Yes
Referrals to Trusted Advisors Yes Yes Yes
How to Cash Out of Your Business Course With Tools & Templates   Yes Yes
"What's Next?" Owner Goals Assessment   Yes Yes
On-Demand Business Valuations   Yes Yes
Recommended Reading   Yes Yes
Monthly LIVE 60-Minute Group Q&A with a BTA Mentor     Yes
LIVE Expert Mastermind Group     Yes
Monthly LIVE 90-Minute Discussion of Best Practices with Q&A     Yes
LIVE Webinars with Clients & Subject Matter Experts     Yes
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