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Achieve success when transferring ownership.

As an EXPERT member, you will have access to Jane and our other Transition Mentors as part of a peer group of business owners who are focused on achieving successful ownership transfers.

You will have access to everything in our FREE and PRO memberships:

  • Blogs
  • Free Book Chapter
  • Newsletter
  • Top 10 Benefits of Exiting Planning
  • eBooks
    • Five Ways to Sell Your Business
    • How to Maximize Business Value
    • How to Sell to an Insider
    • How to Sell to an Outsider
  • Real-Life Lessons Learned by Owners
  • Success Stories
  • BTA Owner Readiness Assessment
  • Electronic Version of Book
  • Introductory Course — How to Plan a Successful Business Exit
  • FREE On-Demand Business Valuations ($2,500 value)
  • 10+ Hour Video Course – How to Cash Out of Your Business
  • What's Next? Self-Assessment
  • Ownership Transition Plan
    • Document Templates
    • Worksheets
    • Questionnaires
    • Action Plan

PLUS we will mentor you throughout the design and execution of your plan.

You will learn best practices from our work with more than 100 business owners and we will answer all of your questions during:

  • LIVE Monthly calls.
  • LIVE Monthly interviews with business owners who are successfully exiting their businesses.
  • LIVE Monthly webinars with experts on advanced topics such as tax planning, how to maximize business value, how to minimize risks in your business, key employee golden handcuffs and more!

This membership will dramatically improve your chances of:

  • Transitioning out on your own timeline
  • Living your ideal life
  • Maximizing your business value
  • Closing your deal of a lifetime, and
  • Achieving financial independence

Who is EXPERT Membership For?

Owners who want to exit on their own terms and achieve financial independence.
We work with select groups of business owners who are:

  • Ready to start their transition planning now
  • Committed to learning and implementing the best practices that we will be teaching, AND
  • Willing to share their experience with peers


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