Expert Membership

Need help to gain your freedom?

As an EXPERT member, you will have access to Jane and our other Transition Mentors as part of our Expert Mastermind Group of business owners who are laser focused on achieving their goals.

You will have access to everything in our FREE and PRO memberships PLUS we will mentor you throughout the design and execution of your plan.

You will learn best practices from our work with more than 100 business owners and we will answer all of your questions during:

  • LIVE 90-Minute Monthly Q&A calls.
  • LIVE 90-Minute Monthly Discussion of Best Practices
  • LIVE interviews with business owners who are successfully exiting their businesses.
  • LIVE webinars with experts on advanced topics such as tax planning, how to maximize business value, how to minimize risks in your business, key employee retention strategies and more!

This membership will dramatically improve your chances of:

  • Living your ideal life
  • Maximizing your business value
  • Closing your deal of a lifetime, and
  • Achieving financial independence

Who is EXPERT Membership For?

Business owners who:

  • Realize they don't have all the answers
  • Are ready to start their transition planning now
  • Want to learn and implement the best practices that we will be teaching, AND
  • Would like the support that BTA Transition Mentors provide

Ready to gain your freedom and live the life you deserve?


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* 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – Cancel at Any Time. 
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