Could Your Business Carry On Without You?

Make Sure Your Business, Family, and Wealth are Protected 

 “I never realized all of the details that will need to be addressed if something happens to me. As I am creating my Contingency Plan, I now see how critical this document and information will be for my spouse and business.” ~ BTA Client

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As a business owner, you never know when a life event – such as unexpected death, disability, or life-threatening diagnosis – could suddenly take away your ability to run the business you have worked so hard to build. 

If something happened to you tomorrow, could your business carry on without you?

If you’re not sure, you need to develop your Contingency Plan, which can help protect your family and avoid business disruption. Your plan will outline how your business will continue without you and provide the detailed information your family and successors need to carry on.

We understand it’s a lot to think about, which is why we created our easy-to-follow, 16-page Personal & Business Contingency Plan Template

Use it to:

  • Provide a roadmap for your business successors and family members to follow.
  • Prevent your business value from plummeting.
  • Retain your key employees.
  • Ensure your business will continue.
  • Include all the personal and business information your loved ones and colleagues need.

Download our Personal & Business Contingency Plan today and create the blueprint your family and successors need to carry on. 

Contingency plans supplement traditional estate and financial plans. Ideally, you will have all of these in place to protect your business and your family’s financial future.

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