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Learn the key concepts for creating your own Business Ownership
Transition Plan with this pre-recorded three-part, 90 minute course.
You will learn how to transition your business and the necessary
steps to successfully prepare for a business ownership transition.

Whether you are considering selling internally or externally, this video
course will provide you with the information you need to know in order
to ensure a successful transition. 

Our founders and transition mentors, Jane Johnson and Kathleen
Richardson-Mauro, narrate this course and discuss the most important
facets of creating your own plan along with the key pitfalls to avoid.

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BTA Video Series

This video series is broken up into three 30-minute segments, delivered once
a week for three consecutive weeks.

Week 1: How to prepare yourself for your transition and determine how much money you will need for the rest of your life. 

Week 2: The top eight drivers of business value and whether an internal or external sale is best suited for you.

Week 3: Developing a roadmap to ensure that your business transition is successful before the sale and how to minimize the taxes and fees on your transition in order to net the highest amount possible.

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