Upcoming Business Owner Webinars

Please join us for our next webinar on Wednesday, January 11th at 12:00pm EST "Are You On Track To Hit Your Exit Revenue Goals?" with special guest Keith Loris, President and CEO of Sales Renewal Corporation. In this webinar, we will discuss how to know if you're likely to hit your number and learn how agile, integrated marketing can help. 

Most business owners have a sales price in mind when they contemplate selling their business. Because businesses are typically valued at a multiple of revenue (or revenue derivatives such as EBITDA) this sales price is directly dependent on the company’s annual revenue at the time of the exit.

If you are considering selling your business in 2-7 years and would like to increase the odds that you will achieve your exit revenue goals, please join us to learn how better and more cost-effective marketing will propel you to success.

The webinar will provide you with a:

  • Business case that proves marketing-driven growth before exit delivers a powerful ROI.
  • Framework to determine if your current marketing effort is likely to deliver the revenue you are counting upon at exit.
  • Introduction to Agile, Integrated Marketing and the reasons why it can drive significant revenue growth.

To register, please visit the webinar link above or click here.


Bring Us Your Challenges 

As a business owner, have you ever stopped to consider:
  • What might happen to your business if you could not be there tomorrow? Or the day after?
  • How much your business might be worth today?
  • How much you need your business to be worth before you can afford to cash out?
  • How to maximize the value of your company?
  • How to sell or transfer your business to an insider and get what you deserve?
  • What transition or selling options are available to you and what are their pros and cons?

* If you are an advisor, please contact us to receive a schedule of our advisor webinars. 



Click on one of the webinar links below to view past webinars.


Title:   Are You On Track to Hit Your Exit Revenue Goals?
Date:   January 11, 2017
Synopsis:   Featuring special guest and BTA partner Keith Loris, President and CEO of Sales Renewal. Keith discusses with us how to know if you're likely to hit your numbers and learn how agile, integrated marketing can help. 
View:   Click Here to View Recorded Webinar
Title:   CLIENT CASE STUDY: How to Sell Your Business to an Outsider  
Date:   May 5, 2016
Synopsis:   We discuss how we helped one of our clients prepare his family business, sell 75% of it to a private equity group and then sell his 25% holding for a “second bite of the apple!”  You will learn what owners can do to maximize business value, minimize taxes, find the right buyer and negotiate the best possible deal.  We will also discuss other types of buyers, how to avoid the Top Ten Deal Killers, and more.
View:   Click Here to View Recorded Webinar

Title:   CLIENT CASE STUDY: How to Sell Your Business to an Insider – You Have Options 
Date:   March 24, 2016
Synopsis:   We talk about our client – a closely held business owner – who thought that his only option was to sell to an external, third-party buyer. Upon examining this option, however, we uncovered that he was not going to meet his long-term financial goals. Through working with BTA and developing a comprehensive Business Transition Plan, the owner is now transitioning his business internally to the next generation. This will enable the owner to reach his financial and non-financial goals in a tax-efficient manner, maintain business continuity, and preserve the legacy of this family business.
View:   Click Here to View Recorded Webinar

Title:   How to Sell Your Business to an Outsider and Get the Best Deal
Date:   February 2, 2016
Synopsis:   How owners can maximize business value and prepare for this very important transaction. We cover the steps that owners should take as well as how transactions are taxed and the Top 10 Deal Killers that every seller needs to avoid. The art of the deal is in positioning your company in the best possible light, finding the right buyer and negotiating the best possible deal. Most owners have one shot at getting this right. Learn what you can do to get your very own Deal of a Lifetime!
View:   Click Here to View Recorded Webinar

Title:   How to Sell Your Business to an Insider
and Get What You Deserve
Date:   January 21, 2016
Synopsis:   Many business owners would prefer to see their business go to someone they know. During this webinar, we cover key steps for planning a successful transfer, important decisions that you will need to make, possible transaction structures and their pros and cons, tax implications of internal transfers, and more. 
View:   Click Here to View Recorded Webinar

Title:   Creating Your Ideal Life and Perfect Calendar
Date:   January 10, 2016
Synopsis:   Bruce Raymond Wright is interviewed on his timeless concepts from the widely acclaimed book The Wright Exit Strategy. Learn how you can step into your ideal life and perfect calendar while crafting your own 100-year plan. Learn the simple truths about wealth; how to create it, keep it, and use it to achieve your ultimate goals.
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